Worswick for President

& The American Constitution

Justification for a declaration of war, by the American people against their government.

Here I should insert the opening remarks of the Declaration of Independence. But I feel that since this is more a testimony of grievances that others will put in the elegant phrases legaleze and references.

1)      The president has declared that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are no longer valid documents in the nation.

        If this is true than the United States of America no longer has a charter. And should no longer be admitted as a valid voting member of the United Nations. No nation should honor our currency or enter into trade agreements and should consider American troops on their soil as possible hostiles. This also implies that the Congress Senate and Supreme Court have no basis or standing without constitutional law. It also implies that as Commander-in-Chief he is declaring that he is a totalitarian dictator. That he has succeeded where Mr. Nixon failed in making his wife a Queen.

2)      With full recognition of what is being stated and done in Washington DC by the President and Congress. The Joint Chiefs of the military are sworn solely to the Constitution and not the president. With acknowledgement of the treasonous actions taking place to dissolve and displace and or eliminate the nation’s very soul, The Constitution, They are duty bound to act.

3)      It is their duty and responsibility to order the US Marines to arrest and take into custody the entirety of the Congress Senate Supreme Court, their aids and advisors of the last 15 years for violations of the Constitution during a time of war. They are to be transported to Ft Leavenworth Kansas to be tried by a military tribunal for violations of the Constitution and acts of treason during a time of war.

4)      All of them have raised their hand and sworn the oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and our way of life. Only the President purposely mumbled and misspoke the oath so that he later could say he never swore it.

5)      The job of the Congress and Senate are to read comprehend all legislation that they are to vote on. And verify that it is constitutional. They are sworn to vote there conscience and the conscience of their constituency. To not personally have read and then voted anyway is an act of treason. To have read and vote only party line is an act of treason. To have read and realized this is not within the constitutional framework they are to abstain from voting and challenge the vote before the vote is recorded to do otherwise is treason. To allow yourself to be persuaded to change your vote to aid the party line is treason. You are an elected servant of the people by the people and for the people. You are to represent all the people you have no party and to do otherwise is treason.

6)      The main job of the Congress is to constitutionally fund the federal government. This is called passing a fiscally sound budget. It is at this reading an act of treason to knowingly and willingly waste time on non constitutional legislation and fail in your duty to write the budget so you have the excuse to pass legislation to carry last years budget forward. It is also treason to enact and fund legislation that is totally a violation of the Constitution.

7)      To make taxpayers money available to bribe foreign governments to be our friend year after year when they are really our enemies and that the money is borrowed to give them is treason.

8)      To claim that a balanced budget can be obtained while spending twice what we receive is just plain defrauding the people. Then claiming that 5 to 10 years down the line the fiscal numbers will come in line, that’s fraud. This whole business of fuzzy math does not work in the real banking world or in our personal lives so why should we except it from known professional political criminals. This is treason.

9)      For Obama-Care to work they would have to rescind all of the nonprofit tax exemptions for churches and all nonprofit organizations and tax them at 65%. The reason truthfully is simple. They are tax exempt because they are supposed to be taking car of the poor the homeless the sick the indigent the derelict the elderly and the orphan. When LB Johnson turned this country in to a socialist welfare state the churches decided they didn’t need to compete with the communist government and promptly sold all their hospitals rest homes sanitariums and clinics. They then stopped helping anyone who was not a member of their church or were on their missionary lists. And also took the opportunity to start building those gothic Crystal Cathedrals and Towers of Babble. This is also when the collages started ripping off the students. It was treason then and is treason now for the government to violate the separation of church and state by taking over their responsibilities at taxpayers expense. There is a way to wean the government off being the medical factor and put the enforcement in the hands of non government observers and investigators. Do you really want to solve the government’s healthcare problems and get back to the Constitution. It’s simple and straightforward. You pass one law. That after a verifiable and review of eligibility that the personal recipient will receive two 1000 dollar checks each month. They must with valid ID take the first check to their primary insurance company give them the check with their ID and their thumbprint on the back. No one can do this for them. They then will take the second check to their secondary insurance company again showing positive ID and placing their thumbprint on the back. The first insurance company reviews all medical charges challenging anything that looks out of line or excessive including their drugs. When they are satisfied they will pay 75% of the bill. The secondary insurance company goes through the same process and when satisfied pays the balance. The reasoning is simple 10% of the government pension receivers have been dead for years. They have nothing better to do with their day than to get off their dead ass and go see their insurance company each month. If the claimant is bedridden or in a facility the insurance company rep must travel to the facility and first verify that this is who they say they are and that they are their client. Again this comes to verifying that the person is real and who they say they are and are not dealing with identity theft. Senior citizens are bad about giving their medical cards to supposed friends that use them at pain clinics to get oxicodone and other pain meds. The insurance companies are far better at catching fraud and abuse than the government investigators.

10)  It was bad enough when FDR violated the Constitution and by executive order created Social Security. Congress was out of session and when they got back they did not have a better idea so they voted it into law. At least he made it a stand alone insurance company that was a supplement to their income for those that paid into it. It was never intended to be anyone’s primary income. Then here came Mr. Nixon and a spineless Congress who allows him to put the Social Security trust fund in to the general fund to pretend to balance the budget. It only opened the door for Congress to spend the whole trust fund and start adding new people to get checks that never paid into the program. That was treason. The most derelict use of this program was when I heard that there were elderly people migrating to America and as soon as they established residency they were handed 5000 dollars worth of food stamps and put on SSD so they got 1800 dollars a month and full medical. Why when people have worked their whole lives paying into the system and only get 750 dollars a month and have to pay a co-pay for medical and all of their own drugs. That is treason.

11)  The government bureaucrats have turned Social Security into a ponzi scheme if anything delays the money coming in from the mass at the bottom the people at the top won’t get paid and neither will anyone else. There is no way this system will continue without a total capitulation. That is just criminal.

12)  SSI was another of those unacceptable tricks played on the stupid people. Workman’s comp is supposed to retrain you if you get hurt on the job. But between the teachers union not educating and the lack of educate-able employees that keep getting hurt they started dumping these people on SSI and then they learned that if they put a child in special education training they could not only kick kids out of school but could dump them on SSI so they would never try to enter the work force. This was never the intent of Social Security but the socialist communists took advantage of a more gullible public. Brezhnev I believe said we will bury you and without firing a shot you will like an overripe fruit fall into our hands. We have made it.

13)  You might also note that AARP is nothing more that an anti constitution organization that whips its membership into believing that the government owes them something. Only an illiterate communist bent membership that believes that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was not a hard-line communist that his only true friend was Stalin and he did everything within his power to save his only friend to the point of illegally shipping arms through Canada into Alaska to help the Russian war effort. There was a reason that there was not a monument to FDR. During the Cold War no one in their right mind would have built a monument to a communist leader while we were still fighting the Communists. But if you can get a large group of brainwashed people to sway the votes and a large enough amount of money to bribe the electorate you can commit treason and get away with it. Even get selfish un-constructional laws voted in that only serve the greedy.

14)  The next item of debate is the lie that the USA only owes 17 trillion dollars in debts. The truth is a whopping 225 trillion and our gross national product can’t even meet the interest. All state and national bonds are backed by the US Treasury. Its true that publicly the fed. only admits to 17 trillion but each state and territory has between 1 and 2 trillion that equals about 100-200 trillion dollars and each major city has about 1 trillion that’s another 100 trillion and each major county has the same. That’s what 400 trillion. And that does not include the major industries and construction projects. The major holders of these bonds are Japan and China. They need land to grow food for their1.6 billion people that are scheduled to double in 20 years. They are atheists they could care less how you die as long as you get out of their new continent. Our government is selling us out and thinking they are going to be allowed to live.

15)  China has the ability to completely disarm the western world in one fell swoop. We are not the only target. Europe will fall to the 80 million Moslems that have been used as slave labor to keep the taxes flowing for their social welfare program that is draining their government treasuries.

16)   Payback is going to be a slaughterhouse. They have not forgotten the slaughter of their people during the Crusades. Israel won’t have a chance, they may fight to the last man but they had better remember Masada. They can forget the biblical war stories of Armageddon. I hope they have a vast number of tactical nukes.

17)  For the last 30 years our Government has been allowing the sale theft or destruction of our stockpiles of military supplies worldwide. In some ways this is necessary because they need to rotate out obsolete equipment and supplies. But when you rotate out old supplies you take it off the books and replace it with new stuff. That’s not happening. Troops are sent to the depot and its empty. This has been happening all over the world and in some of our most secure areas. After Iran Contra we knew that a lot of this theft and resale was being done by the black bag CIA for their own financial gain. Now we are realizing it’s our allies with a wink and a nod from our own government officials.

18)  The real scary part of this whole scenario is that between DOD federalizing our National Guard and running them 14 and 16 combat tours. They have not just stripped the states armories of weapons and supplies but have willfully stripped the nation of most of out governor’s best troops so the states have no ability to fend off any aggressor. The whole purpose of the National Guard is to first and foremost defend the state against an overbearing federal government. Then comes national disasters and civil disorder. National Guard troops don’t get the same benefits regular troops get. To disarm, mentally and physically depleting the state’s readiness then leave the disabled and crippled by the overtaxing of their bodies is worse than treason. It’s a form of sadistic masochism that holds one’s nation in contempt and will aid and abet the enemy. That is treason.

19)  Our weapons appropriations officers have encouraged the increase in cost to over 3000% normal. And when they retire they go to work for these very suppliers who have with their help embezzled billions of dollars. Since all officers are held in readiness even after they retire it might be prudent to recall all officers that have had anything even remotely to do with the research and development for purchase and use by our armed services. Take them to a remote interrogation facility and get the truth out of them. Find out who all was involved, where the money went then execute them for treason. Confiscate their worldly assets in this country and abroad. If that leaves their families homeless and destitute so be it they can not profit from ill-gotten gains that has bankrupted our nation.

20)  It is said and held fast in court convictions that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Yet you can take 1000 attorneys and 1000 judges and 1000 CPAs and none of them can agree on the tax codes or laws yet people are convicted every day for tax code violations. It’s kinda like a Jehovah Witness and the Bible you can make it say any damn thing you want and prove it. To give you an example, if you are accused of owing money to IRS or VA they can attach your SSA or VA check and force the bank you are doing business with to give them your deposit. Most people are so destitute that when this happens they end up bouncing checks that costs then 35 dollars every time it is attempted to be cashed. Many of these people are already having to choose between food and medications and now they can’t pay the rent or there utilities. Only to find out they didn’t owe them anything. And these agencies won’t give back the money they took illegally. That’s treason.

21)  The government failed to tell us that this last monetary debacle was a boondoggle. And that they spent billions of our tax dollars bailing out banks that didn’t need bailing out. If fact it was treason to bail them out just like the car companies. But when the government is so far outside the Constitution in everything else then the law is what they say it is, to hell with truth justice and the American way. What we have found is even more important than the boondoggle itself.  50% of the homes and properties in the United States no longer have deeds or titles. It does not matter how much you owe if there is no title you don’t own it and never will. You also can’t sell it. The government put this program in place to help refinance and lower payments. The vast number of the people that were rejected was because there is no title to refinance to. They can’t tell that person that their property does not exist that there is no deed to borrow money. That in fact it’s not their inability to pay that stopped the refinance. It does tell the bank that any money they do collect goes in their pocket because there is no one up line it to.

22)What happened is this, you bought a house the bank financed it. The seller got paid. You start making payments to the bank. The bank and title office and the real estate broker make their money on fees. The bank needs to keep making purchases so they can charge fees. They sell your loan to a broker. The bank is paid and is now just a bill collector. The mortgage broker sells your note to Freddie Mac or Fanny Mae. And they are paid in full. So now they need to raise money so they sell to Wall Street and are paid in full. This is where it gets sick. Wall Street takes hundreds of these notes with their deeds, stacks them up, lays a piece of graph paper on top and slices and dices the whole stack. Now they sold one quarter square stack to an investor. Wall Street got paid. But there is no way to un-slice the millions of deeds they did this to. The only people who lost money were those last investors and most of them were overseas groups.                         Now we put Michael Milken in prison for selling junk bonds. He can never work in the stock market again. Yet these people ripped off billions and then the government gave them millions for bonuses for their crimes. Why was there a financial crisis here in America if everyone got paid and the losers were foreign speculators. This happened on George Bush’s watch, it might be interesting to remember that it was the Bush’s that were in the middle of the Colorado S&L failure and government bailout. One other thing that is happening with these banks that the government is shielding from legal action. These properties have no deeds. Yet it is on TV and on the radio that they are using forged documents to repossess these properties. To the best of my memory to lie to a cop or a judge was 5 years in jail for each offense. Her we have thousands of cases with nearly 100 forged documents each and the banks are above the law. There is one northern state Distinct Attorney trying to stop them and the federal government is threatening to cut off her state’s resources for their courts and prisons. That’s treason.

           23) If a house is repossessed it’s just a piece of dirt with a structure on it. There is no deed so there is no debt. 50% of the hoses not in foreclosure have no deed so there is no debt only the yearly tax bill. If the American people want to find out if their home is one of them, all they have to do is take their property tax bill to any title mortgage office and pay them to do a title search. This is what they must do to allow you to sell your property. If you get lucky they will give you a document that says there is no deed found. At that point you sue the bank for collecting money for a property that has no deed. You can’t buy or sell a car without a title you’ll go to jail. There is no difference with real property. Then you go to the tax board and say my house has no value because there is no deed I want my taxes reduced to a no value asset.

In California what is happening is that a person forfeits a house for failure to pay. They let the word out to the bad guys and they come in and strip the house and set it on fire. The firemen know what they are looking at so they just let it burn hosing down the houses around it so the fire does not spread. The fire marshal deems it an electrical fire even though there is no wiring or appliances and the insurance company pays the bank. The bank refuses to clean up the mess so the county sends a crew out this puts a lien on the property at the county tax level. Later the county sells the property for tax and lien sale and since no one challenged the sale they issue a new deed. In the northern states a similar thing is happening. They post the houses that have been repossessed and have no deeds on the internet. The bad guys come in and strip the structures the county condemns the property and the county tears the house down and for the cost of the cleanup and filling fees the county adds the square footage of land to whichever adjoining property will take it. Later it can be subdivided back off and a new deed issued. But what the big banks are doing is using the same forged document that they use to repossess the property to resell. In cars that’s called a rue and is good for thee to five. Why aren’t these bank and lawyers losing there licenses and going to jail. Is it true there is more money to be made destroying a nation than there is in building one. Are these banks and there legal teams really above the law.

24) Now let talk about the BLM. It is a prime example of government sponsored terrorism. This group was a part of the depression WWP or WPA programs and its charter ran out in the 60’s but the Department of Interior found they were useful in the strong arm tactics they felt they needed to use with the miners, ranchers and loggers. Only they started picking up the old black box CIA people and committing criminal acts that had nothing to do with the department mandate. They are now the most feared agency in the government no one who loves their families will start an internal investigation into their murders rapes and thefts. They are the ones who got the Department of Energy to do the exploration at Yucca Mountain. Prior to WW11 that was two of the biggest gold silver and diamond mines in the USA. But the government bought them out to put a bombing range there. With the new mining techniques they bored 25+ miles of shaft and cleaned out the whole mountain of nearly 3 trillion dollars worth of ore at taxpayers expense. Hauled it to the Mormon copper mill for processing and had it shipped out of country as rare earths. We the people paid for the equipment the labor for the hauling and probably the processing and got nothing back except the shaft. Everyone knows you do not put a nuclear depository on top of a 300 year old volcano that has 2 seismic faults under it. This is treason for the nation to allow an agency to steal public property and for the ongoing murders of ranchers and miners. The kickbacks of the sale of public lands. Who do they think they are? The Knights Templars of old that were above the common laws for decency? Now recently they claimed that the illegal immigrants were becoming hostile and they needed the right to carry guns. They got the right the training and weapons. These are not the guns they use to kill ranchers and farmers or herds of wild horses. The illegal immigrants can barley carry enough water to make the trip. To give you an example of their criminal activity in Nevada. I have an old friend of thirty years he has owned the Carson gold mine most of that time. BLM allowed AT&T to put a fiber optic underground cable right across the opening of his shaft then would not let him into his own shaft. They stole 500 tons of gold ore and claimed they used it for road grade. He has not received one dime from the easement or the AT&T cable and they have informed him if he causes them any more trouble they will kill his daughters. They have showed him they know where his kids and grandkids are. No one will legally help him because they have been told the same thing. They now are blocking him from getting his VA and his SSA. He’s 72 years old. This is what the whole Sagebrush rebellion was about in the 90’s and after they killed about 100 people everyone stopped trying to have something done about BLM. Note; CIA has about 9000 people mostly geeks and pencil pushers .01% run the largest drug trafficking syndicate in the USA. BLM has 47000 people and 60% are armed thugs that will kill you and drop your dead ass down an abandoned shaft. That is government sponsored terrorism. You do realize the reason that BLM is running ranchers off public lands has nothing to do with land erosion. It does have a lot to do with imported beef and the monopoly they hold on most of the fast food burger shops ability to import beef. There is no way they are going to allow the ranchers here to cut into their profits.

25) There is a new book on the market called it, “Worse than you think.” We need to get it.

26) Only with a declaration of war will we be able to abolish unions. They are the communist number one tool to break the back of not just our industrial strength but our educational system. The teachers union and board of education have 7000 children either dropping out or being kicked out of school every day. They believe that they only have to teach the top 10% the rest are cannon fodder. That was until the military raised the standards that one year of collage was needed to join. It does not matter you lose 2700,000 kids a year out of the educational system and the nation is in severe trouble. The unions have through black main and extortion run 80% of our industry out of this country. With wages and union benefits US employees get 20 to 100 dollars an hour. In third world countries they get 3 to 10 dollars a day and no benefits. We can’t compete. At least when unions helped in this country they had a full journeyman’s training program. Now either you have no training or you went to a trade school at your own expense. Their job is to embezzle the workers dues and blackmail and extort both the employers and employees. If I were president I would break every union that did not have a journeyman’s program and force all of them to pay 100% restitution plus interest for the money they embezzled. And the unions that did survive would have to live the same way the employees have to when they go on strike.

Our collages are full of white tower socialist communists that have never worked a day in there life in the real world and are cramming this socialist crap to get a voting force large enough to overrule the constitution. They have succeeded. In our schools the teachers are not allowed to answer any question a child might ask that does not pertained to the lesson they are teaching.

With the problems we have with education there are going to have to be some understandings and some new procedures. First the Constitution said you have a right to an education, it does not say we have to provide it. If you do not like our procedure of teaching then find your own but your kids will go to school. Teachers are supposed to be teachers not teach to the test. I propose we start off with a scholastic test for the teachers to see how educated they are then move right along with their social skills to see if they should be allowed to be around children. Then see if they have the ability to convey the information to the children. That should wipe out 25% of all teachers and 80% of the people in the school boards and everyone in the department of education at the state and federal level. Since our society does not have the competency to take care or their children and teach them the basic skills and manners. The church says give me a child until they are 7 and that is what they will be for life we need more formal testing and training before the normal school age of six.

Since it appears that the nation feels that the state should be the babysitters, let’s say we start school at 2 years old and the parent will mandatorily have to participate. I don’t know about the children that are 12 and 14 that have their children in the same school with then in the Northeast. But anyway we can start the basic testing and training of numbers colors social skills physical education and dietary. They can be taught how to wash brush their hair and teeth tie their shoes. I believe the only way we are going to catch back up with the rest of the world is to have a verifiable badge system. You know a badge you wear that has you financial score and your scholastic score. That tells everyone you meet that you know how to make money and manage it. It also tells them that you are as well educated as you claim or as stupid as they think. Employers can see at a glance who is continuing their education and the ones who just don’t care. This will also start a cottage industry for preparing people for higher education. With kids in school they are always competing against one another physically and scholastically if we base our first four to five years of a child’s education on physics and physical education by the time they are eight or nine years old we can test them for their scholastic and mechanical skills. Before they start puberty they should be separated to boys and girls. When they hit sixteen they should go back into joint education. I also believe that they should stay in school till they are twenty-one. This gives them their first two or three year of junior collage and their introduction into ROTC. I believe that all children should learn Aikido and Acu-Touch or as it is better known as touch for life touch for death. These martial arts can mean the difference between being a victim or a survivor. The martial arts also teach discipline and the teachers will recognize a bully. They should all have basic weapons training from knives and clubs to handguns rifles and shotguns. The way people get hurt or killed is through ignorance. You don’t have to like weapons but you also do not need to fear them. Kids that have no weapons training are more likely to want to play with a loaded gun. I also believe in same type dress codes where the emphasis is on education not who has what jacket or shoes.   I believe that any teacher who has any form of sex with a student should be publicly tried and executed with all faculty students and parents in attendance. Girls that get pregnant at any age while still in school should be tried as prostitutes and made to give up the names of the men they were with and a DNA test done to verify who the lucky father is and marry them no matter what their ages are on the spot. All persons named will be registered as sexual offenders.  There are known cases of competitions going on with young men where they have as many as 300 girls pregnant and counting and the authority’s are doing nothing about it. The same way they now have child care centers in elementary schools so the students can take care of their babies and still go to school. To the best of my knowledge they have prosecuted no one because the fathers are their fathers or brothers. This must stop. The community is failing to realize that girls are sometimes more aggressive than the boys and with the chick flicks and movies that don’t just imply but promote sex any time with anyone. That brings me to the collage professors that claim all their students work, as there own. Because without them teaching that student would never have come up with that idea. They teach female students almost the some way by keeping them both satisfied so they can pay attention to their studies and not be distracted by dating.  These white tower sexual offenders need to be castrated and publicly hanged on campus. The kids that are dropping out of school at 7000 a day are in violation of the truancy laws. When I was a kid they had a sheriff’s school. They taught the same basic courses that regular school taught. Only you could be shifted to juvenile hall if you continued to screw up. They prosecuted kids and their parents for kids doing drugs smoking drinking carrying weapons fighting or having sex. Now the courts think taking a drivers license away from people is punishment then order them to see a parole officer and pay restitution. Where we live that takes away the person right to work makes it nearly imposable to get to the PO’s office and guarantees that you now have a lifelong criminal for non-compliance. That’s treason that is the same thing as planting evidence or setting someone up that didn’t know what was happening so the cop gets a bust. Its unconstitutional and a violation of the child and parents civil and human wrights. To deny them the means to travel when they have not committed a crime in or with a vehicle is a violation of the Constitution.

We need to get rid of these teachers and school board members that hate children and the unions that let’s teachers claim they are sick so they can go to the capital to protest the governors decisions about their bargaining then brag about it on TV. The governor should have had the national guard secure the area so they could not escape and put all of them in jail for closing down the school system and lying about their intentions for the need for time off. Then I would have sent the marshals to gather up the unionist for inciting endangerment of the children and their parent’s jobs. These are acts of treason hiding behind civil disobedience. These are civil servants committing these crimes. These teachers should be stripped of their credentials and never allowed to be near children again without police supervision. They proved by the remarks they made to the press that they are so un-American and selfish that their pay comes before the health education and welfare of their young charges. Teaching them that you can lie cheat and commit civil disorder no matter who gets hurt. And we trust these people with our children. I believe that there should only be two languages used in our school system, English and Latin. But there should be four languages taught to the students. Let’s say English Spanish Latin and a choice like Chinese French German etc. etc. these other languages should be started as early as possible so they get the same spelling words in each class. I am not making myself clear. If you are teaching reading spelling and writing in English than the same teaching should be taught in the other classes. No! in English is no. In Russian it’s nit or German its nine. Each class should mirror the other. I also believe Special Ed classes should be taught separately so the teacher can concentrate on the lesson and the kids are not distracted by the child that needs to be in a class that caters to their learning needs. When I started school I had a teacher that was retiring and didn’t want to be bothered with a child that had an IQ of 180. So that whole class didn’t learn much and because of that teacher I didn’t learn to read or write until I was put in an LA school in the sixth grade and the teacher cared that all his kids learned to read. Yeah I have an attitude about ticket punchers in all jobs but especially Officers NCOs and Teachers.

26) Lets move on to the war of drugs. There never has been a war on drugs. It was a creation by Richard Nixon to remove your civil and constitutional rights. He came within forty eight hours of becoming a totalitarian dictator and that was one of the keys he needed already in place before he made his move. He promised his wife he would make her a Queen. Obama is now closer than Mr. Nixon got and he came within forty eight hours. The war on drugs is bullshit; it has made more public and private people criminals and has destroyed more families than all other addictions. Either you fight the war as a war and start executing the enemy and the insurgents or legalize it. Otherwise you are just aiding and bedding turning this nation into a criminally dysfunctional society. You can not empty the ocean with a pitchfork and you are not going to rehabilitate a nation that hears twenty-four/seven that you need this pill to fix it. There is no law and order when a drug addicted woman walks into an ER has a baby and walks right back out leaving the screwed up kid and the bill behind. That woman and her baby need to euthanized right then the DNA from the baby needs to be taken and when they find the father send him the whole bill. Believe it or not only 25% of the public is addicted to something. Liquor tobacco pharmaceutical drugs or elicit drugs. The pharmacy can handle it. You walk into a pharmacy there are two lines. One for doctor ordered drugs the other for I want it now drugs. Either line you walk up put both hands on the glass plate lean over look into the viewer and state your name your picture appears before the clerk and a complete list of the drugs you get and in what quantity. This will help people who have more than one doctor giving them meds. Because as it is now if someone screws up they can give you drugs that will counteract and kill you. It happens more often than you are told about. But for the recreational user he can get a three day supply and if he is asking for something he normally doesn’t get the clerk is obligated to tell him the reaction he might get with the residue of what he has been getting. There will always be things that are taboo like the forty types of date rape drugs. If you had a need for them you can get a prescription. The problem we have been having is that there is no national database that a pharmacist can access to help you or to tell an abuser from a recreational user. The problem will be just like the 25 cent a pack on tobacco in Calif. The tax was to make sure that there was a medical safety net for smokers. Instead the state of California denied medical treatment on the basis that they were smokers and said that was a self inflicted ailment not covered. Yet my brother in law had a fever as a baby and as an adult he had two open hart surgeries and never bought the first cigarette. We can not allow this to happen to the taxes that will be generated by legalizing drugs. The money has to go for enforcement and eradication of those that refuse to comply and that there are ERs available. It sure would be nice if the lead nurse in an ER could place a person hand on a scanner and know every drug used by this person in the last six months.

27) We have laws on the books like truth in advertising. Yet the politician can lie. Look at Al Gore he has this money making gig about global warming. That’s no secret but the lie is that it’s our fault. If you listen to him the Ice Age that receded through the center of our continent before I was born is my fault. And the volcanoes that blow millions of tons of crap into the heavens is my fault to. The lie is that if you send him your money he can fix it. If he wants to fix something start getting the mass of plastic out of the water that is killing the fish and stopping their normal migration paths. You want to know why China will repossess the American continent. They can’t pull enough fish out of the sea so they need more arable land. They have already bought it now all they have to do is evict the derelict tenants and move in. that’s us. You do realize that China runs all of our US ports and the Panama Canal. What happens when they stop smuggling in prostitutes and slave labor and start bringing in highly skilled insurgents? They already are.

28) Some of the need to do projects I think we should try. In the western deserts there are areas that are below sea level and with the lack of water beginning to prove insurmountable we should look at boring a Chunnel out into the ocean. As they are boring this Chunnel when they come to a place between the mountain ranges they would cut a square straight down to the Chunnel. Here they would install power generators that would work off the back pressure of the sea trying to fill up the below sea level valleys. Filling these areas with water would cause rain to the east of these areas after the water filled the valleys to fifty percent we would have a good idea of what prehistoric critters would hatch out of there and what food fish would have to eat. We would need to know the purity of the water. It would replace the Salten Sea for migrating fowl. It’s a real shame that the nations watch dogs didn’t stop the farmers from dumping their toxic waste into the Salten Sea and killing it, That’s a crime in itself, that will have to be cleaned up and water sources from the Colorado River will need to be allocated not to the farmers but to the sea. The farms should be made to pay restitution for the damage they have done and the restoration. There are easy ways but this is not the forum to discuss all of the solutions.

29) Did you know that during the McCarthy communist witch hunts that the real filthy rich communist changed their tactics and became all the devout tree huggers and environmentalists that never seem to run out of money to sue America for anything that represented progress. I agree with Green Peace that we should station a sub down there and when those treaty violators start killing whales sink them. And keep on sinking them until they get tired of Green Peace saving them, that’s if the whales don’t eat them. I also am in sympathy with not selling our national forests to foreign nationals that get the logging rights for penny’s and clear-cut the forest with no restoration of the land. Those are politicians that make those deals and get kickbacks. Let’s get them, There are paper trails. Do you know why all documents are shredded after three years? When Senator Dole ran for President his wife became head of the Red Cross. She claimed that it was costing the Red Cross millions of dollars to maintain those historic records. They covered from the Civil War to current. She could have given them to the National Archives but no in those files were the records of her husband being a paper clip from WWII. If that had ever come out that the American Red Cross had financed a Nazi SS Office to become an attorney and that he had held the highest position in the Senate and was seeking the Presidency. The Jews would have hauled him to Hague for war crimes.

Did you now that with one executive order the president could put 15 million people to work in 90 days and he won’t do it. Because the unemployed won’t take a 10.50 hr job. It would have to be migrant workers that would have to do the work. Did you know that it’s a 350 dollar fine for you to touch that fuel hose to fuel your car. That by law you have to be a licensed and bonded fuel handler to put gas or diesel in a vehicle and the damn president would rather stand there and brag that 50 maybe 100 thousand people got work this month he should be hanged for treason or stupidity. It only takes three weeks to get certified so the first month they tell them to get temporary handlers. The start of the second month they start fining them 100,000. dollars a week for noncompliance with OSHA EPA law at the end of the three months you just fine them 1 million dollars and strip them of their license, maybe even put the owners in jail. To finance all those new employees is only an extra .08 to .10cent a gallon increase in fuel. Gas diesel and heating oil has always been a throwaway product that the greatest cost was delivering it to the stations. They make such a humongous amount of money on plastics fertilizers oils medicines paint you name it. This why gas is only a dollar in the third world and Europe uses more diesel, it’s safer and more powerful

30) This is where I should tell you why I am running for president. I feel we need a declaration of war to prosecute and execute these professional political criminals. It’s not just in Washington DC. It’s in every capital in the nation. Every city county, the only way to get rid of these cockroaches is to exterminate all the bureaucrats. To know of a crime before during or after the fact makes you as guilty as the perpetrator. Omission is as deadly as commission.

There is a group called the industrial block. If you have any knowledge of the Council of Foreign Relations you now that they are mostly financiers and entrepreneurs. The industrial block are the worldwide body of people who dig the raw material make it useful to industry and also turn it into the industrial stuff you make everything else out of. They are pissed because the United Nations is an impotent bunch of windbags. They are sick of pirates terrorists and big powerful country like America lying about having the problem under control and in fact these countries are about to lose their ass to some quite astute third world anarchists. They told their RD people that they needed some weapons to deal permanently with the threat. In three months they built a quantity of thermal nuclear bombs that are one fourth the size used in Japan and ten times more powerful. They were going to demonstrate it in Somalia until I convinced them that even though I agree that the entire Somalia theater needed vaporized but that the tsunami that would be created would do far more damage to those a continent away. Their next choice was the District of Columbia. That would be close enough to the UN in New York to get their attention. You would not want me as president in short order you would think I was Stalin with the Constitution in one hand and Old Glory in the other and I would purge everyone that was a socialist communist from government posts. I will give you an example; during the reign of Bill and Hillary Clinton they were impeached but not for the crimes they committed. Bill and Monica was no secret to Hillary she had two women sliced and diced and ran through the abortion clinic incinerator for telling her he got them pregnant this was nothing new to her. But the charge of espionage should have been followed. No secrets should be told to people without top secret clearance and authorization. Yet Monica was telling her friends in San Francisco in graphic detail all about her affairs with the president and that he was going to divorce his wife and marry her. That’s espionage then he lied to the Grand Jury about the affairs. And the Congress found out that while this physicist at our nuclear test facility was being accused of selling secrets to the red Chinese the BLM burned the county to the ground as a distraction so Hillary could go to the Dept. of Energy and retrieves the documents for our Merv system and hand them to the Chinese ambassador. That’s espionage. How far do you need to go into the White House and Congress’ knowledge of treason? It is a known fact that every woman that has gone into the combat theaters has to choose a male guardian bunkmate to sleep with whether she’s married or not. If she refuses she will repeatedly be raped until she complies. It is almost as bad in the academies and women who go to sea seem to come back pregnant quite often and they dare not tell or admit they were assaulted or their career is over. Like the girl that got shot down over Iraq she was ordered to lie about her treatment or she would be screwing every other woman trying to make the military their career. Is that treason to turn every female in the military in the company whore.

31) Let me tell you one of the reasons that you should be concerned about our elected officials committing treason.

1) The law allows that each candidate must hold 28% of the election funds raised. They are to put this money in their pocket tax exempt and they get the federal matching funds. Last election Obama and Hillary each raised 750 million dollars then they got matching funds. That says that both of them pocketed 500 million dollars that they immediately shipped out of country to a safe haven.

2) Obama doesn’t think 500 million was enough so this time he’s trying for 750 million.

Both of them know that the country is going to fail it’s just a matter of time. What is fascinating to me is that I am the only one that picked up on when America fails the 80 million Muslims immigrants are to be ordered to take all of Europe. Boy do I want to see what they are going to do to the Vatican. They have no patience with graven images.

32) I always have the hypothetical questions. What happens if the federal government shuts off the electrical grid for let’s say 60 days. That by our estimate would kill 130 million people. Most of them would be the old the sick the people in hospitals nursing homes the handclapped and the people that are in prisons. There would be a lot of gang and revenge killings. But there would be a lot of suicides too. Then they supposedly beat the enemy and got the lights back on. Now that would solve the problem of all those SSA checks and medical benefits. What if we have a bad case of the bubonic plague from all those rats and unburied dead bodies. Just because the lights come back on and you can get to your ATM dos not mean there is going to be food that didn’t spoil in the cold storage. You think the Obama team could pull it off and survive.

33) To tell you the truth I have a fertile mind. Like a women on a fixed income with two kids to feed and a house to run. There is always a solution to all problems. You may not like them but that may be the only option left for you to survive.

The woman that cuts her ration of food to keep her kids going finally fall sick and dies. Without her the kids fall sick and die. Did she do the right thing? If she had eaten her fair share she may have been able to continue gleaning till the tide turned. But cutting herself short she killed all of them. We find that there was food left but the children didn’t know how to use it so they died.

We may not like the choices we are now facing but the challenge is up to us. I really don’t care if the industrial block blows Washington DC away their are plenty of political criminal to replace them. I would hope that China takes the whole continent. From Canada to the Falkland Islands. Because like I said last time. If we brought back the founding fathers. Showed them everything we have accomplished and how powerful we have become. They would look at America and our interpretation of the Constitution. They would unanimously agree that with a push of a button and the flash of the ether they would cast this nation into the outer darkness and gnashing of teeth with liberty and justice for all. When was the last time you uttered a prayer and it might have been heard. The whole purpose of the non-profits and churches being in charge of the poor the homeless the aged and the orphan was so they could install in them the Ten Commandments. The state can’t do that. The state can’t teach love or faith or even hope. That’s why the communist forced them out.

34) In doing this paper I have come to the startling realization. Like in all lies they will be found out and when the lie has to do with money the books are normally cooked. And in peeling back the onion layers of this great lie. The books have not only been cooked, they have layers and layers of fabricated schemes that at first appear to work but in all reality were an attempt to draw one’s attention away from such a huge fraud that it is almost unbelievable in its vast scope and that it has been going on for generations.

This leaves us with the final three outcomes;

1) like slavery (with us being the slaves) we cannot escape and we have to admit that the Constitution is gone and we are now the socialist communists.

2) That understanding that at all levels of government the criminals are in charge and matters are only going to get worse. And so the industrial block is correct that you must start someplace. So why not vaporizes the entirety of the District of Columbia and Baltimore. They are not rehabilitable.

3) China repossesses the entire continent and with liberty and justice for all every living person from the top of Canada to the Falkland Island's dies so China's vast expanding human mass has food to eat and resources to exploit.

There are no other choices. And rehabilitation is not possible.

4) The present election is a fraud there is not one candidate talking constitutional law they are all talking socialistic communism as the solution to the failures in American society.

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